Tweet Teasing Potential BTS and Ed Sheeran Collaboration Makes the Internet Explode

bts ed sheeran

BTS member Min Yoon-gi, famously known by his stage name Suga, went viral by suggesting a potential collaboration between the band and English singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran.

It all happened on Wednesday via the ultra popular K-pop group’s official Twitter account. BTS tweeted a picture showing what seems to be a waveform diagram of a song with the file name saved as “Ed Sheeran ST rough,” according to Mashable.

Fans lost it, with many understandably suggesting that a possible collaboration is in the mix.

While this seems possible considering BTS’ many collaborations with American artists – including Japanese-American DJ Steve Aoki and rapper Nicki Minaj – there still is no official confirmation.


Sheeran hasn’t been active on Twitter since 2017; nevertheless, word gets around fast on the internet, and if a BTS-Ed Sheeran collaboration ever happens, it will likely do major numbers.

Featured images (left) via Instagram / bts.bighitofficial, (right) via Instagram / teddysphotos

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