BTS Easily Won Asia’s ‘Golden Tweet’ of the Year With Hilarious Video

K-Pop group BTS is continuing to make history by racking up over a million engagements with a single “golen” tweet that immediately went viral.

BTS recently solidified their place in history by earning a spot at the Guinness Book of World Records not too long ago.

According to Mashable, the sensational South Korean group was named by Twitter as having “Asia’s golden tweet” of 2017 after posting a short clip that engaged millions of users.

The short 13-second clip included in the Tweet featured a BTS member inserting a french fry straight to the mouth of fellow member Jungkook while he was sleeping. While the clip ended after a seemingly annoyed Jungkook woke up from the prank, the group can now rest easy knowing that their tweet had millions of Twitter users talking.

The K-Pop group’s massive success had a lot to do with their loyal and extremely supportive fanbase known as “Army.” BTS fans helped the group break YouTube views records and even made sure that they would beat the likes of Justin Bieber at the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards.

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