Charlie Puth accidentally confirms collab with BTS following Jungkook clues

  • Charlie Puth accidentally confirmed a collaboration with BTS on Saturday during an interview with 102.7KIISFM at the iHeart Radio Wango Tango concert.
  • When asked about a collaboration, the singer-songwriter spilled, “We legitimately have no idea of the day it comes out. We do, but like we just figured it out."
  • There is speculation across social media that BTS, or one of the group’s members, Jungkook, might be involved in Charlie’s new track “Left & Right.”
  • Puth and BTS shared the stage together back in 2018 for their MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards performance of “Fake Love.”

Singer-songwriter Charlie Puth accidentally dropped details of a collaboration with K-pop group BTS on Saturday during the iHeart Radio Wango Tango concert.

Puth, a performer at the day-long concert, was later interviewed by 102.7KIISFM. When asked about a possible collaboration with the K-pop superstars, Puth said, “I heard that too, and everybody in my camp doesn’t know the day it comes out. We legitimately have no idea of the day it comes out. We do, but like we just figured it out.” 

Some fans are still trying to determine whether the collaboration will be with the whole group or with vocalist Jungkook. 

Jungkook has expressed interest in collaborating with Puth, and the two have had some musical interactions in the past. Jungkook and fellow bandmate Jimin dropped a cover of Puth’s hit song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” in 2017.

At the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards in 2018, Puth and Jungkook also performed the same song together before Puth later joined BTS for their performance of “Fake Love.”

Across social media, Puth has teased fans about BTS. On April 28, Puth tweeted that he dreamed of BTS on his upcoming track “Left & Right.” Then later he posted an Instagram story of him working out to Jungkook’s “Stay Alive.”


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Fans are also speculating that two similar photos of a city street posted on the same day by Jungkook and Puth may hint at something.

Additionally, both Puth and his music director Matthew Daniel Siskin have started following Jungkook on Instagram, adding even more fuel to the fire of a possible collaboration. 

On BTS’ end, fans are anticipating a special guest to feature in BTS’ live performance of new music from their upcoming anthology album “Proof.”

Feature image via HYPE LABELS and Charlie Puth

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