BTS Scalpers Sell Merchandise for Hundreds of Dollars, One McNugget Sold for $100K

BTS Scalpers Sell Merchandise for Hundreds of Dollars, One McNugget Sold for $100K
Thy Nguyen
June 7, 2021
BTS fans are scalping all types of merchandise online for hundreds of dollars and making money off of their idols. 
Scalping the merchandise: K-pop fans, especially ones in the BTS ARMY, are notorious for buying and selling collectibles to show their support for their favorite bands and band members.
  • These collectibles include concert tickets, shirts, keychains, pins, dolls, photocards, albums, lightsticks and stickers.
  • Scalpers previously resold 50,000 BTS’ “Love Yourself” SG concert tickets for up to $12,888 when the price was originally $348 on Live Nation, reported Must Share News
  •  The average price for merchandise varies from $20-$100 depending on the item, but items considered limited edition can go for hundreds of dollars. 
  • A Jungkook Limited Official Photo Card is selling on eBay for $780 as well as another listing selling a card for $899. There is also a Taehyung action figure listed at $449. 
BTS x McDonald’s Scalpers:  With the recent BTS x McDonald’s collaboration, fans are selling the bags, sauces, chicken nugget containers and cups on eBay, Poshmark, Etsy and Facebook Marketplace.
  •  One eBay user bought an “Among Us” shaped nugget from a BTS meal for almost $100,000 when the nugget had an original bidding price of 99 cents, according to Hypebae
  • These prices range from $10-$1000 and the bags are listed as being in “original pristine condition” or marked as “greasy.” Some are even selling the bags in bulk.
  •  One Poshmark user is asking $500 for a greasy, used bag with an RM photo card. The BTS x McDonald’s shirts are also being scalped after they were originally sold on WeVerse.
Featured Image via polizna (left), japan*toy*store (right)
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