BTS ARMY Takes Over 24 iMacs at School To Score ‘Speak Yourself’ Tickets

How far would you go to score tickets to a BTS concert? Alexis, a 19-year-student from Toronto, used 24 iMacs at her school’s computer lab in an attempt to purchase tickets to the Speak Yourself tour — that’s a whole new level of dedication right there.

Alexis explained to BuzzFeed News that she came up with this ingenious idea since she would generally use multiple devices to secure tickets to big events. However, even with the help of her school’s computer lab, getting her hands on the tickets still proved to be difficult due to the website crashing repeatedly.

In the end, her perseverance paid off as she walked away with two floor tickets to the London show and even purchased some spare tickets for her friends.

This won’t be Alexis’ first time attending a BTS concert as the 19-year-old has reportedly been saving up for the Speak Yourself tour ever since she attended the Love Yourself concert. She told BuzzFeed news, “I have seen BTS before at the Love Yourself tour. I’ve always known BTS but didn’t actually get into them until 2017, and when I did it was life-changing.”

Since she began live tweeting her attempts to purchase tickets to the world tour, her series of tweets have gone viral with many people applauding her efforts and sharing their own extreme preparations in hopes to score the same BTS tickets.

Alexis was definitely one of the lucky few who were able to get their hands on the coveted, Speak Yourself tour tickets as BTS has already sold out entire stadiums across the U.S. and Europe, including the LA Rose Bowl and Paris’ Stade de France. According to the Metro, tickets for the Wembley Stadium show in London sold out within just 90 minutes.

In an article published earlier today, Ticketmaster has told Billboard:

“The BTS Army has showed up in force for today’s onsale. We have already seen incredibly high demand with hundreds of thousands of fans queuing to purchase tickets for two of the band’s three shows. This speaks to BTS’ far-reaching appeal and the dedication of their amazing fans around the world. We apologize for any inconvenience fans may have encountered in the shopping experience. There are not enough tickets to satisfy the massive demand for this artist’s live shows.”

Feature Image (right) via YouTube

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