BTS’ AMA Performance Solidifies Their Guinness World Record For Most Retweeted Band

BTS’ AMA Performance Solidifies Their Guinness World Record For Most Retweeted Band
Kyle Encina
November 21, 2017
K-pop group BTS’ exhilarating AMA 2017 performance made history as the group earned a spot at the Guinness World Record 2018 book. The official Twitter account of Guinness World Records personally acknowledged BTS’ massive success by congratulating the South Korean band for delivering such a “stellar performance.”
BTS will be holding the title of having the world’s most Twitter engagements for a music group, according to Allkpop. The tremendous positive reception that the BTS AMA 2017 performance garnered shows that the K-pop group is taking the music scene on an international scale.
In fact, the South Korean group was swarmed by an ARMY of American fans the moment they arrived at LAX on Nov.14. While BTS already garnered a tremendous amount of fan support at the airport alone, they received even more by the time their AMA 2017 performance went down.
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According to Billboard, the K-pop group’s performance at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles was greeted with an overwhelming amount of fan support. “Fan Chants” incessantly echoed throughout the theater as dedicated fans made sure that BTS felt right at home even when performing in America.
The source mentioned that BTS’ dedicated ARMY fanbase were very organized and tenacious in their support so that the group could beat other popular artists such as Justin Bieber. It seems that the fans in attendance weren’t just giving BTS a warm welcome, they were also embracing the South Korean culture in the process by bringing K-pop concert traditions to American soil.
The loud, constant repetition of band member names known as a “fan chant,” is mostly seen in South Korean concerts as well as in K-Pop conventions. However, “fan chants” might soon become a concert staple in the US given the rising popularity of K-Pop in the West.
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