YouTuber Allegedly Fat-Shames Med Student After She Accused Him of Slut-Shaming ‘Bachelorette’ Star

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A medical student has come forward to expose a fitness YouTuber who responded with vitriol after being called out for allegedly slut-shaming “The Bachelorette” star Hannah Brown.

According to Claudia Lee, it all started when Bryan Hawn — a recording artist, zoologist and “fitness icon” with more than 300,000 subscribers — allegedly slut-shamed Brown under an Instagram post “a few weeks ago,” which prompted her to call him out for being “hypocritical.”

Claudia Lee. Image via Claudia Lee

In a conversation with NextShark, Lee explained that she can no longer retrieve Hawn’s original comment, but claimed that it was “something along the line” of the YouTuber saying that Brown is “a slut who loves to spread her legs and expects the world to be okay with that.”

To this, Lee replied, “That’s awfully hypocritical of you considering the types of pictures you post on your page.”

“The start of this altercation was when I ran into a comment a few weeks ago in which he was slut shaming Hannah B. from ‘The Bachelorette.’ I do not have a screenshot unfortunately of the original comment, but it was something along the line of Bryan saying she is a slut who loves to spread her legs and expects the world to be okay with that. I responded saying ‘that’s awfully hypocritical of you considering the types of pictures you post on your page.’ That was the extent of the original comment and reply.” Image via Claudia Lee

Brown, who wrapped up Season 15 of “The Bachelorette” with Jed Wyatt as her fiancé — before breaking up later — admitted to “struggling” after the ABC show, pointing out that some have labeled her “promiscuous” for being transparent with her decisions.

Lee claims she called Hawn “hypocritical” largely in reference to his work, where he is seen teasing and/or exposing his buttocks. Hawn runs an page (Warning: NSFW) containing photos and videos that are “too hot and scandalous for Instagram.”


According to Lee, Hawn did not contact her until “a few weeks” after their original exchange under the unknown Instagram post.

“There was no other contact between Bryan and I other than my reply to his original comment. I have no idea why he decided to contact me after weeks later. I honestly forgot when the first comment was made because it was that long ago.”

Image via Claudia Lee

“He proceeded to make the conversation very personal, belittling my career, claiming my boyfriend is using me for sex for nine years, and finally after I had already left him on read and ending the conversation, he blocked me, went to sleep, woke up the next morning just to send me one last fat shaming message.”

Lee sent NextShark parts of their conversation from Instagram’s direct messages, where Hawn can be seen hurling a slew of insults, including calling her a “slut.”

During the heated exchange, Hawn also claimed that Lee’s boyfriend has only been using her for sex for nine years and has no plans of marrying her.

In his final message to Lee, Hawn took a jab at her body, writing, “It’s a good thing your [sic] going to medical school because Lord knows nobody would ever pay to see your chunky body wear anything.”

Read excerpts of their exchange below:

Image via Claudia Lee
Image via Claudia Lee
Image via Claudia Lee
Image via Claudia Lee
Image via Claudia Lee
Image via Claudia Lee
Image via Claudia Lee
Image via Claudia Lee
Image via Claudia Lee
Image via Claudia Lee

Lee told NextShark that she never planned to expose Hawn and “just wanted to show my friend some of the worst things he said.”

She decided to speak out, however, after his fat-shaming message.

“His fat shaming message was a low blow, and the reason why I decided I wanted to make this public. I know that he was just searching for anything he can use to try and hurt me, so because of that, I’m not specifically offended by his words, but I think that that type of toxic behavior is a demonstration that misogyny and ignorance is very much present and can take the form of figures of very large platforms. There is no place for such behavior, and if he is speaking this vile to multiple young girls on his platform, it can really be damaging.”

In response to NextShark’s request for comment, an individual who identified themselves as “Shawn” and claimed to be Hawn’s manager threatened NextShark with legal action if we published the messages shared by Lee. He also revealed Hawn’s perspective of the exchange. The email in full reads:

“This is Shawn,

“I am Bryan’s manager. If you publish any information that is private conversation to the public. I will take legal action against your site. That is a violation of privacy.

You’ve been warned.

“There was a girl harassing him calling him dumb, ignorant, making fun of his sexuality, and trying to shame him for posting his body on the internet. 

“This stemmed from a comment Bryan made about the Bachelorette. That nobody wants to propose to somebody days after she just got done spreading her legs for someone else. Go Have as much sex as you want. But don’t pretend your ready for marriage and incapable of understanding that your potential husband would want you to not be sleeping around aka Luke P.

“She read this and began harassing Bryan in the comment section trying to shame him for his sensual work in the fitness industry.

“Bryan told her to not criticize people who have successful careers in fields that are not an option for her. No one wants to see her fat ass wear anything! 

“This is after she harassed his intelligence, his job, his sexuality, and career. She asked for it!

“I dare you to publish that article. It will be an easy pay day.”

Featured Images via YouTube / Bryan Hawn (Left) and Instagram / Claudia Lee (Right)

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