Grandma Brutally Beaten in Koreatown For Absolutely No Reason

Grandma Brutally Beaten in Koreatown For Absolutely No ReasonGrandma Brutally Beaten in Koreatown For Absolutely No Reason
Ryan General
February 12, 2018
Just a few days before her 86th birthday, an elderly Asian woman became a victim of a brutal Koreatown attack that left her face injured beyond recognition.
At around 2 – 3 p.m. on Saturday, February 10, the victim, identified as Mi Reum, was assaulted in Koreatown, Los Angeles, California.
According to Mi Reum’s granddaughter, Yujin Audrey Ko, the elderly woman was on the street by Hannam Supermarket near the corner of Olympic and Vermont when she was approached by a middle-aged man.
Without any provocation, the man suddenly struck her on the head, causing her to fall to the ground. The impact reportedly caused her head to split open.
After being treated in a hospital, the victim has since been released and is expected to make a full recovery soon.
Corner of Vermont and Olympic (Image via Google Maps)
The motive remains unclear, as the man had apparently no relation to them. He also did not take anything of value from the victim. The elderly woman would later describe her attacker as Hispanic wearing all-black attire.
“She told me to let this go because she wants to forgive the man that did this but I can not and I am livid,” Yujin wrote on her Facebook post along with a photo of her badly injured grandma. 
Hannam Supermarket (Image via Google Maps)
The granddaughter further noted that while there were several witnesses at the scene when the attack happened, none of them have yet provided relevant information to the police.
“I am imploring you to please share this on your networks so that I could maybe by some miracle get in touch with any of them to get more information that might lead to catching this guy,” Yujin wrote.
“In the least, let this be a lesson to everyone living in this area to please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. You can’t be too safe.”
To help bring Mi Reum’s attacker to justice, please share and if you have any information, please call LAPD Olympic Station at 213-382-9102.
Featured image via Facebook / Yujin Audrey Ko
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