Vietnamese Dad Gets Apology From Hiring Manager Fired for Disrespecting His English Skills

Vietnamese Dad

After massive backlash on social media, Bruce Peterson, the former hiring manager of Dash Delivery LLC in Washington who sent a demeaning email to prospective employee, Minh Huynh, has personally apologized to the man he humiliated.

Huynh received the email yesterday, with his daughter, Emily, notifying Twitter about the update.

Vietnamese Dad

“Dear Mr. Huynh- please accept my sincere apologies! I was wrong and I am very ashamed for disrespecting you. I phrased my sentence incorrectly in an attempt to communicate with you, but the words came out wrong. I was not attempting to set a demeaning tone, I honestly (and ignorantly) put my words together in an insensitive pattern. I hope you will forgive me.”

Emily stated that her father has indeed forgiven Peterson and hopes he, and others in similar positions, will learn from this incident.

“Bruce personally apologized,” Emily said in a statement to Nextshark. “He emailed my dad, [who] just told me that Bruce was ‘in the wrong’.”

Netizens reacted with skepticism over Peterson’s email and praise over Huynh’s response:

Despite the shared skepticism netizens have over Peterson’s intentions, the Huynhs are ready to move on with their lives.

“I just want to live life without ignorant people who aren’t willing to educate themselves. Your logic is to hate on something you don’t understand and do not want to understand because hating is easier..” Emily tweeted.

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