Chinese Single Mom Handmakes 20,000 Brooms to Send Her Daughter to College

Chinese Single Mom Handmakes 20,000 Brooms to Send Her Daughter to CollegeChinese Single Mom Handmakes 20,000 Brooms to Send Her Daughter to College
A 55-year-old woman in northwestern China has touched hearts on the internet for her unfazed devotion in securing her child’s education.
The single mother, identified as Li Yaomei, has made more than 20,000 brooms in just three years not only to send her daughter to university but also to clear her own medical fees.
In 2013, Li, who lives in Wuzhong, Ningxia region was diagnosed with a stomach tumor. Then, two years later, she wound up in a major traffic accident.
Li’s condition and injuries left her with no choice but to borrow about $30,000. And so, in the next three years, she made over 20,000 brooms to pay off her debt.
Li’s broom-making career began in 2008 after getting divorced from her husband. She has since used it to support her daughter.
“At that time, I was always holding the brooms in my arms and peddling them on the street,” Li said, according to New China TV. “I used to go from door to door, asking the shopkeepers whether they wanted brooms.”
Li’s neighbors reportedly describe her as working “like a man.” She wakes up at 5 in the morning, sleeps at midnight and makes brooms throughout the day — on top of tending to her sheep and chickens.
“These people lent me money without interest,” Li said, according to Sina News. “They’re good guys, so I made sure I paid their money back.”

This devoted mother is sweeping up her debt and sending her children to university. She made and sold over 20,000 brooms in just three years to clear university fees and medical bills. #HeyChina #EverydayHero

— China Daily (@ChinaDaily) May 31, 2019
With hard work, Li not only managed to relieve her family from university and medical costs but also expanded her business by opening a workshop.
“My life keeps getting better and better,” she said with a smile.
The loving mother understands that she can now take a day off from work, but prefers to keep moving.
“I could feel sick and stay in bed all day long, but I’d rather work because it makes me feel more energetic and healthier.”
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