Brooklyn Nail Salon Faces Protest, Calls for Closure After Violent Brawl Over Eyebrows

Protesters are calling for the shutdown of New Red Apple Nails, the Brooklyn nail salon that made headlines earlier this week after Asian workers ganged up on Black customers in a violent brawl that started with a pair of “f**ked up” eyebrows.

According to WCBS 880, demonstrators have been gathering around the salon in East Flatbush since Sunday, chanting “Where is ICE?” and “Shut them down!”

Four employees were reportedly trapped inside the premises, which protesters slammed with signs such as “Black Dollars Matter” from the outside.

The mayhem allegedly started when customer Christina Thomas, 21, refused to pay $5 because almost all her eyebrows were removed during a waxing service.

However, the salon claimed that she refused to pay for all the services rendered, including a manicure and a pedicure, News 12 reported.

Thomas, who was out with her grandmother, was also accused of assaulting a 35-year-old employee.

In a video that has since gone viral, employee Huiyue Zheng, 32, can be seen whacking a customer out of the salon with a broomstick.

The brawl does not end there, however, as workers turned their attention to two more customers.

“They viciously attacked the grandmother and her granddaughter, beat them with sticks as if they were animals and threw acetone on them and we’re here to demand justice,” a protester said.

Both Zheng and Thomas were arrested on charges of assault and weapon possession (Zheng) and misdemeanor assault (Thomas) but were soon released after personal recognizance.

However, the call for justice continues.

It is unclear if the salon will reopen anytime soon.

Featured Images via Facebook / Mercy Maduka (Left) and Twitter / @spearmediany

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