Man Stays Perfectly Calm During Cyclist’s Racist Meltdown in Brooklyn

Man Stays Perfectly Calm During Cyclist’s Racist Meltdown in Brooklyn
Bryan Ke
July 30, 2020
Editor’s Note: Zane Tang’s original video of the man has since been removed by Facebook. NextShark was able to get a hold of it before it was taken down and has since been reuploaded.
An enraged cyclist in Brooklyn, New York was recently caught on video break checking and calling an Asian American man a “yellow b*tch” after the driver lightly honked to let him know he was driving behind him.
What happened: The incident happened in Brooklyn on 7th Ave between 58th and 59th Street on July 25 around 11:40 a.m.
  • Tang reportedly gave the man a light honk as he was allegedly swerving in the middle of the road. However, things escalated when the cyclist suddenly break checked Tang after flipping him off.
  • Tang got out of his vehicle to check if the man was okay, telling him to use the bike lane. Tang asked, “Why he was in the middle of the street, swerving in and out of a TWO-WAY street.”
  • Instead of apologizing, the man allegedly threatened Tang’s non-English speaking uncle and started to hurl derogatory terms and xenophobic remarks at Tang.
  • “You yellow b*tches shouldn’t be here, this is my country, I was born here,” the man said, adding, “you yellow motherf*ckers, you guys are the weakest race on the planet.” He claimed that he came from the strongest race.
  • He also called Tang a whore, f*ggot and an inbred. The man also targeted the Black community in his racist tirade by allegedly using the n-word several times and calling them r*tarded.
  • The man also tried to hit Tang several times during the confrontation.
  • Tang told NextShark he wanted to beat the man up but decided against it.
  • “People, especially us minorities should know how easy it is for authorities to deem him ‘mentally ill’ and rewrite the entire narrative and have me arrested,” Tang said. “We’ve all seen it plenty of times, it’s happened to all of us, any race, anywhere, any time. It’s not about me beating his a**, it’s about making sure everyone sees this.”
Lying to authorities: Tang captured the man on video calling 911 and making a false report to the police.
  • At the beginning of the video, he told the 911 operator that Tang tried to run him over.
  • He then described the situation to the operator saying “there’s an accident” and falsely claimed that “there’s a guy dying on the floor.”
  • The man also allegedly claimed he was injured.
Not the first time: The police, along with the fire department and an ambulance, responded to the man’s call. Upon arriving at the scene, the authorities did not find a man dying on the floor.
  • They also checked the man for injuries, but reported that both he and his bike suffered “zero damage.”
  • “To be very honest, I’ve never seen so many authorities roll their eyes all at once,” Tang said in his Facebook post.
  • He told NextShark the police wrote the man up and did not take any further action, even when he started cursing at another Asian bystander.
  • “They [the police] didn’t do anything else..they let him leave the scene and as an insult to injury, he started cursing at another Chinese man (a bystander who witnessed this entire incident unfold and is fluent in English) and told him to ‘meet me around the block you inbred’…in front of the police,” Tang said.
  • Speaking to the locals, Tang discovered that the man has a long history of harassing others in the Asian community, particularly older immigrants who couldn’t defend themselves because of the language barrier.
  • “I want to share this so that others can show their family members who struggle with English what to do in…in this predicament and to let others know to be careful if and when they see him around,” Tang told NextShark.
On Friday, Facebook removed Tang’s video claiming “it goes against our Community Standards on hate speech and insults.”
Feature Image via Zane Tang
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