Neighborhood Vandalized By Anti-Chinese Graffiti Rocks Brooklyn Community

Neighborhood Vandalized By Anti-Chinese Graffiti Rocks Brooklyn CommunityNeighborhood Vandalized By Anti-Chinese Graffiti Rocks Brooklyn Community
Carl Samson
August 7, 2018
Brooklyn lawmakers and residents in New York City rallied together on Monday to condemn a vulgar anti-Chinese graffiti written on at least seven businesses in the Bensonhurst neighborhood.
The graffiti, which was spray-painted in black on the walls of the establishments, read “Chinese c**ts stink like fish.”
In the rally, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Councilman Mark Treyger, and the Chinese-American community urged the New York Police Department to investigate further.
“This is one of the sickest hate crimes that we have experienced in this neighborhood. We condemn, denounce and reject this type of hate and intolerance,” PIX 11 quoted Treyger as saying.
Police released surveillance video of the suspect but have yet to make an arrest.
Image via NYPD
They said that a man “used a stencil to spray paint an anti-Chinese statement on the exterior” of 8508 20 Ave. on Aug. 4.
Image via Twitter / @Karlin_C
Meanwhile, several Chinese immigrants told CBS 2 that they were heartbroken over the vandalism, the likes of which they had never seen before.
“Everybody sees that and feels uncomfortable and angry,” a female resident said.
Image via NYPD
For now, a $1,000 reward awaits anyone with information leading to the suspect’s arrest.
“This was a premeditation action to identify a group and treat them in a disparaging, negative fashion. That to me says hate crime all over it,” said Adams.
Featured Images via NYPD (Left) and Twitter / @Karlin_C (Right)
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