Man Asks Reddit to Help Fix His Wife’s FitBit — Discovers He’ll Be a Father

When one man learned from his wife that her FitBit, the wearable fitness tracker, was malfunctioning and reporting a higher than normal heart rate, the concerned husband turned to Reddit to ask users how to fix the device.

He explained what was happening on the FitBit subreddit:

The top comment suggested that perhaps the FitBit was working properly and it was maybe the wife who was experiencing something with her health:

After realizing that pregnancy could be a real reason for the FitBit acting up, the Reddit user, we assume, went to buy his wife a pregnancy test to discover the terrifyingly good news and announce to everyone else that he was going to be a dad:

So if you’re a woman and your FitBit is telling you you’re heart is pumping just a little harder, you might be in for a surprise.


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