Broke Chinese Man With No House, Job, or Car Finds True Love With Beautiful Russian Woman

Broke Chinese Man With No House, Job, or Car Finds True Love With Beautiful Russian Woman
King Malleta
March 30, 2017
Chinese tradition (and most responsible relationships) often require men to have a house, a car, a decent job, and savings before he would get a nod of approval from the parents of their pfuture brides.
Chen Jinyang and his now-wife Sophia were able to find love with each other despite many factors that would obviously cause problems for most.
According to Shanghaiist, the 22-year-old bride came to Heihei five years ago to study Chinese and after her graduation, she decided to remain in the city that she has grown to appreciate.
It was last year that she met Jinyang who was working as a coal miner, thanks to a friend.  
Although it wasn’t “love at first sight” for her, the affection towards Jinyang developed as they got to know each other.
Jinyang would would make it a point to spend time messaging Sophia after work and because he lives far away, he would ask family and friends to give his Russian belle flowers on his behalf.
Soon after, Sophia resigned from her job and moved in with Jinyang in the small and shabby mining housing. Though it was not the most ideal living environment, with outdoor baths and toilets and rats and frogs around, she said that it was the happiest she’s been.
The couple recently got married in a simple ceremony at a hotel in the city of Heihe in the Heilongjiang province after a year and a half of dating.
At the moment, Jinyang and Sophia are planning to visit Russia for another wedding ceremony. They also revealed plans for the future such as starting a business in Russia and visiting alternatively between their homes.
Despite being jobless and not having possessions, Sophia said she is confident that they will overcome their struggles through hard work and because she believes that “love is the most important thing.”
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