British Tourist Who Slapped Imm‌igration Officer in Bali Gets 6 Months in Prison


The unruly female tourist who went viral after slappin‌g an Indonesian immigration officer last year threw another tantrum as she was getting dragged to court in Bali on Wednesday.

Auj-e Taqaddas, a 43-year-old medical researcher from Britain, made headlines after going on a foul-mouthed rant and attacking an immigration officer in July.


She was reportedly agitated after getting fined $4,000 at a Bali airport for overstaying her visa for 160 days.

Her trial, which began in December, co‌ncluded with Denpasar District Court sentencing her to six months in prison. She was charged with violent behavior against a government official.

Taqaddas was reportedly apprehended by authorities at a shopping mall after failing to appear in court on several occasions, reports The Sun.

In the video footage of her arrest, she is seen struggling against the arresting officers. She tries to fight her way out of her predicament as she is escorted up an escalator and towards a car.


As she is led to a vehicle, the woman also appears to strike one of the officers.

Taqaddas, who earned the nickname “Dora the Explorer” online for her antics, continued her defiance during the hearing. Inside the courtroom, the woman reportedly kept shouting expletives at court officials.

“This is a sham court who was only listening to the dirty prosecutor who did not bring me to the court for six months,” she was quoted as saying.

“Indonesia is a ‌criminal country. Indonesian law is corrupt. Indonesian judges are corrupt. No la‌wyer was provided. Indonesian immigration is corrupt,” she also shouted as she was escorted out of the court.

She also delivers this rant after her arrest: 


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