British Teacher Arrested in India After Investigation Reveals He Molested Blind Children

A British teacher was arrested for molesting three teenage students at a school for the blind in India. Murray Dennis Ward was placed under police custody after an employee at the school reported him to authorities with video evidence of the molestation.

According to The Independent, the 54-year-old British national worked as a volunteer English teacher at a school run by the non-profit organization National Association for the Blind. However, Ward appeared to have ulterior motives for his tenure at the institution; it would seem that he would take young boys to his private lodging and molest them after hours.

School officials received a complaint from two boys, aged 14 and 15, about Ward’s sexual exploitation. While the British teacher initially denied the sexual allegations, evidence from authorities leaned against his favor.

Authorities also investigated Ward’s cellphone after claims that he was circulating some questionable clips on WhatsApp; additionally, “objectionable videos” have been found on his laptop. “Initial investigation reveals he is a paedophile,” Chinmoy Biswal, the additional deputy joint commissioner of police (south) said.

Ward held a high position at the school, donating handsomely before he took on the role as a volunteer teacher. School officials revealed that Ward taught blind children English and communication skills and that they “never received a complaint against him” prior to the incident.

General secretary Prashant Verma explained that they would never allow just anyone to come in contact with the children in private. The British teacher only had access to the hostel since he held an honorable position and was highly regarded by the school.

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