British Politician Suspended Over Joke Comparing Immigrants to Dogs

British Politician Suspended Over Joke Comparing Immigrants to Dogs
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 3, 2017
A councilor of the English town of Earby has been suspended by the Conservative Party in England after allegedly sharing a highly offensive and racist Facebook post.
Rosemary Carroll, who was also the former Mayor of Pendle, posted a tasteless “joke” about a man who was seeking benefits for his pet dog and when turned down, used racial stereotypes to compare the animal to people who were getting benefits but can’t speak English.
Social media users who were outraged of the post reported it to Council leader Mohammed Iqbal.
To address the issue, Iqbal wrote to Conservative group leader Joe Cooney seeking her suspension.
Immediately after the post appeared on her account this week, the local Conservative branch suspended her from the party, Metro reports.
In a statement that announced her suspension, the party stated: “This is the result of an inappropriate social media post shared by Cllr Carroll on her own Facebook page. We will be making no further comment until the investigation has concluded.”
Following the announcement, Carroll was listed as an independent.
According to Craven Herald, Caroll had this to say about the incident:
“I would like to make it clear I was not the author of this post and I intended to delete it not share it. I am utterly disgusted with myself that I messed up and would like to apologize to anyone whose feelings I offended. I am not a racist and have never held racist views. At this moment I am not intending to resign from the council and hope this apology will suffice.”
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