British Market Tesco Accused of Refusing to Sell to Man Because He’s Asian

Two employeess at British supermarket Tesco have been accused of racism after allegedly refusing to sell groceries to an Asian man and his family.

In a Twitter post this week, user @taha_aftab, who is based in London, claimed that the staff refused “the whole shopping sale to us Asians” — in his case, two cartons of lactose milk.

Image via @taha_aftab

To make matters worse, the male worker allegedly started laughing when he explained why his family needs lactose milk.

“These two staff in Tesco refused the whole shopping sale to us Asians. They are now being racist,” the enraged customer wrote. “My family needs to have lactose milk. When I explained that to him he started laughing. I WANT A FULL INVESTIGATION FROM @Tesco.”

Tesco has more than 3,400 stores across the U.K.

According to @taha_aftab, the incident occurred in an outlet located in Northampton.

Image via @taha_aftab

In response to his complaint, a Tesco representative asked for more information and get the issue settled in private. But they also asked to have the photos removed from his post.

“Hello Taha, thanks for getting in touch. I’m very sorry about this. I’d be happy to deal with your complaint in a DM, could you please provide some more information? I would also ask to respect colleague confidentiality to remove these pictures from this public post,” the representative wrote in a tweet.

It’s unclear whether Tesco has met @taha_aftab’s demands.

Twitter users slammed the company and argued why the pictures should not be removed:

Other users also questioned the authenticity of @taha_aftab’s claims, with some speculating that the staff denied him because he was hoarding items.

Images via @taha_aftab

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