British man praises Singapore on TikTok after his missing wallet — minus only $40 — is returned to police

  • A British man in Singapore who lost his wallet containing $500 was surprised when he received a letter from Singapore police that his wallet had been found.
  • The man posted a video sharing his experience to TikTok on Thursday, which garnered more than 3,400 likes and over 62,000 views.
  • He revealed that $460 remained in his wallet and that he had no issue with the missing $40.

After losing his wallet containing $500 for over a week, a British man in Singapore was relieved when he received a letter that a good Samaritan had found and returned the wallet to police. 

The man, Chris Henderson, believed he had lost his wallet for good until a letter from Singapore police informed him that his wallet had been found 10 days later. He was shocked, however, after discovering that most of his cash had been left untouched. 

Henderson posted about the experience to TikTok on Thursday, where he begins the video by explaining the letter he had received and expresses that he is “really hopeful” that his wallet has been safely returned with the cash intact.

“I need this money back … $500 is a lot of money to lose and it’s not usual for me to have it in my wallet. Not usual at all. Maybe maximum $100 but on this occasion, I lost it,” Henderson says in the video. “I’ve got a baby coming in September, I need the money.” 

@chrishendoo Can’t believe this #singapore #honestyisthebestpolicy #lucky#foryou #foryoupage #love ♬ original sound – Chris Henderson

After retrieving the wallet from the police station, Henderson reveals that his wallet still contained a majority of the cash, with $460 left untouched. He describes it as “unbelievable” and thanks the good Samaritan who handed in his wallet to the police. 

“I hope you get good karma for you and your family. If only I had your name and number so I could give you some sort of compensation and thank you,” Henderson says. “I don’t know who you are but thank you so much because I need that money back.” 

When one TikTok user commented on the missing $40, Henderson explained that he did not have a problem with it and speculated that he had either used it and forgotten or the good Samaritan used it to take a taxi to the police station.

Many users agreed on Singapore’s honesty, as Henderson described it, while others believed that he had gotten lucky. 

“Yes, WE ARE SINGAPOREAN! Whether you are here for [work] or holiday, we treat everyone with respect and honesty,” one user commented.

“I wouldn’t say all Singaporean are honest. We are not perfect. But you just lucky that the person who returned your wallet is honest and kind,” another user wrote.


Feature Image via @chrishendoo

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