British Man in Mercedes Hits Thai Garbage Collector Crossing the Road

British Man in Mercedes Hits Thai Garbage Collector Crossing the Road
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
October 12, 2018
A British national killed a Thai garbage collector after hitting him in his Mercedes and dragging the latter for some 40 meters (131 feet) upon impact.
The grim incident occurred along Thepkrasattri road in Phuket on Wednesday, The Thaiger reported.
Image via The Thaiger
The victim, who has not been identified, was pushing his garbage cart across the street when the black Mercedes-Benz C250 struck him around 5 a.m., witnesses claimed.
Image via Facebook / เหยี่ยวข่าว ภูเก็ต
Upon impact, Paul Mercer, 33, dragged the victim’s body for about more 40 meters (131 feet), Workpoint News noted.
Image via Facebook / เหยี่ยวข่าว ภูเก็ต
The victim’s body parts, along with his scraps of metal, were scattered on the road.
Mercer, who also sustained injuries, was rushed to Bangkok Hospital Phuket.
Image via The Thaiger
Authorities have since collected evidence and tried to track down the victim’s relatives.
Locals claimed that the victim was often seen collecting scrap metals in the area.
Image via The Thaiger
Phuket Charity Foundation sent the victim’s remains to Thalang Hospital.
No charges have been filed against Mercer to date.
Image via The Thaiger
Facebook users felt sorry for the victim:
“This is scary.”
“This car is built for fun, it needs to have a very careful driver.”
“I feel sorry for the victim. Every life is precious.”
“How fast is he driving to come down to this?”
“A foreigner strikes again.”
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