‘You Got Corona, Mate!’: British Girls Caught Yelling Racist Slurs at Asian Couple

‘You Got Corona, Mate!’: British Girls Caught Yelling Racist Slurs at Asian Couple
Carl Samson
March 24, 2020
A Twitter user has exposed a pair of British girls who allegedly yelled racist slurs at them and their partner because they were Asian.
In a tweet posted on March 16, user @Keanu00823443, who also identifies as Darren Kane, claimed that the girls approached them while on a stroll, presumably minding their own business.
Image Screenshot via Darren Kane / @Keanu00823443
It’s unclear where exactly the incident happened, but Kane has called the attention of London’s Metropolitan Police Service.
“Today I was approached by two girls as I was having a stroll with my partner. They yelled out racial racism [sic] towards us since we both are Asian,” Kane wrote. “It’s come to a point where I’m just afraid of going out now.”
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A 27-second video of the encounter begins with both parties blaming the other for “looking back.”
“You clearly looked back at us, there’s no problem,” a voice from Kane and their partner’s side says. “Are you okay?”
Image Screenshot via Darren Kane / @Keanu00823443
One of the girls then snaps back, “No, you looked back at us!”
The video then shows the girls covering their faces while walking away, apparently after realizing that they were being filmed.
Image Screenshot via Darren Kane / @Keanu00823443
It was at that point when Kane and their partner managed to record the girls’ racist tirade.
“You got corona, mate! You are uneducated! You are Chinese!” the pair yells. “Wait here, we are bringing people!”
Image Screenshot via Darren Kane / @Keanu00823443
Kane and their partner answer back, “Please do!”
“You’ve got corona you smelly Chinese people!” one of the girls yells back.
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Kane also shared the video on YouTube, hoping that the girls can be identified and found.
“Just sad to see how people are changing towards the Asian community,” they added.
The Metropolitan Police has since sought a more detailed report from Kane regarding the incident.
Feature Image Screenshots via Darren Kane / @Keanu00823443
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