British Cops Find Drugs in Secret Hiding Spot, Leaves a Special Note For the Drug Dealers

After seizing the cannabis found in a drug dealer’s secret hiding spot, British police left the perfect one-word note in its place.

According to Sgt. Paul Taylor of the Metropolitan Police Service in Camden, one of his colleagues found the “sneaky hidey-hole” near the Grand Union Canal in north London on Wednesday, reported the Evening Standard.

Taylor tweeted a photo of the two baggies filled with marijuana taken from the hole as well as a photo of the handwritten note left in its place for the drugs’ owner that simply read: “Unlucky.”

“Drugs found by the team today in the dealers latest sneaky hidey-hole,” he wrote.

“Found by PC ‘Sniffer’ Simmond’s snout. This note left in the place of the early seizure from the canal towpath.”

Taylor’s tweet included the hashtag #GetInTouch.

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