‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ Finally Notches Win to End Longest Losing Streak in Boxing History

British boxer Robin Deakin epitomizes the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
Dubbed “Britain’s Worst Boxer,” Deakin finally won a match on Saturday after having lost 51 fights in a row, the longest recorded losing streak in professional boxing history, according to News.com.au.
Deakin has been so bad that his boxing license was revoked by the British Boxing Board of Control who were concerned for his safety in the ring.
Deakin’s win came against unheralded Latvian Deniss Kornilovs at Yorks Hall in London on  the judges’ decision of 46-43 after four rounds.
Before Deakin’s win, his trainer had said he was “programmed to lose” — not hyperbole for a boxer who was on a nine-year losing streak.
The 29-year-old boxer has only won one other fight, his debut on October 26, 2006. His losing streak began with his second fight on February 2, 2007. He has never knocked down an opponent in the ring, although he has been knocked out 12 times himself.
After his Saturday victory, Deakin, who speaks with a slur because of head injuries sustained during his boxing career, told the Mirror:
“I’m a fighter. I’m going to fight my way back to the top – you’ll see.
“All those people that called me Britain’s worst boxer can eat their words – they just made me punch harder.
“People saying I’m the worst made me stronger.
“I did everything different this time and worked my hardest – and it showed.”
Deakin’s perseverance is because he’s not a stranger to adversity — before Saturday’s fight, which was licensed through the Malta Boxing Commission, Deakin had not professionally fought for 17 months because he sustained an injury that required 12 stitches after he was stabbed in the neck.
The boxer also went through over 60 surgeries as a child to help correct his movement because he was born with a club foot. Although doctors told him he’d never walk, Deakin did so at age 6 and began boxing as a teen to defend himself against school bullies.
After his Saturday win, Deakins referred to himself as a real-life Rocky Balboa on Twitter:

Even national press said #RealLifeRocky 👊🏻 pic.twitter.com/mVf9ldg2YS

— Robin Deakin (@rockinrobinbox6) August 31, 2015


According to Deakin’s Twitter, next up are a documentary on his life and, of course, more fights. He even said he’s been offered a title shot, although he wants to wants to work his way up to earning the fight:
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If boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. has all the money the sport has to offer, “Rockin” Robin Deakin clearly has all the heart.
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