He Brings His 92-Year-Old Mother With Alzheimer’s to Work Everyday

He Brings His 92-Year-Old Mother With Alzheimer’s to Work EverydayHe Brings His 92-Year-Old Mother With Alzheimer’s to Work Everyday
Bryan Ke
April 20, 2018
A 52-year-old courier from Chengdu, Sichuan province, China is winning the hearts of netizens for his filial piety for always bringing his 92-year-old mother to work every single day.
Cai Yujun, a delivery man, has been caring for his mother, Yang Suxiu, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease seven years ago, according to The Cover via CGTN.
Since it’s unwise to leave his mother alone due to her condition, Cai decided to bring her along in his everyday errands. But in order to do this, he had to make some adjustments to his ride to ensure her comfort.
He refitted his electric bicycle with a comfortable seat by widening it with a wooden board. Cai also added two pedals with another two wooden battens for Yang to rest her feet while riding the bicycle. He also tied a rope to both of them to act as a seat belt to make sure she is safe.
“My mother has dedicated her whole life for the family. It is my responsibility to take good care of her, no matter how hard it is,” Cai said while speaking to The Cover.
Cai, along with his wife and family, moved to Chengdu 20 years ago to make a living. The two found a job as couriers for a local computer shop while his mother was home alone.
“At that time, my mother had a clear mind and she usually stayed at home or went outside for a walk,” he said.
Unfortunately, things began to change after Yang showed signs of cognitive disorder and memory problems, which gradually became worse; soon, she lost the ability to take care of herself.
This has led Cai to let Yang stay with him every year from January to April as she joins him in his work. It was also said that the man holds his mother’s hand every time they’re walking together when delivering products so that she won’t get lost, South China Morning Post reported.
Although the setup has worked for them, they’ve encountered problems — especially when Cai has to make deliveries to office buildings.
“When we made deliveries to the office building, the security guard often refused to let my mother in. Then I would ask if he can take care of my mother; if not, would you take the responsibility of any accident?” he said.
Eventually, the guard would let his mother in with him. Cai would often carry the stuff he has to deliver with one had as he holds her mother’s hand with the other.
Cai’s colleagues are also very supportive of his selfless deeds, often helping him out by looking after his mother when he’s not able to bring her with him.
“Many friends like to chat and joke with her,” he said.
Images via Thecover.cn
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