Bride Becomes K-pop Dancing Sensation in South Korea After Viral Wedding Video

A video of a dancing bride performing a special number for her husband has gone viral in South Korea.

The unnamed dancing bride surprised her husband with a spot on performance of the hit song “TT” by K-pop group TWICE during a wedding party last month in Daegu province, AllKpop reports.

Wearing an elegant white wedding gown, the bride got down to business and did some impressive moves along with three formally-dressed backup dancers. Her husband can be seen watching in admiration in the background.

Overall, the performance of the pretty dancing bride grabbed the attention of both guests and netizens, earning much praise for its outstanding choreography. 

Dancing brides are not really new as busting moves in wedding gowns has become a global trend over the years. However, it has become extremely popular in South Korea where there are now several viral videos of wedding dances on YouTube. 

Here are some of the memorable ones that came before:

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