The Billionaire Founder of Airbnb Still Rents His Couch for $50

Brian Chesky, the billionaire co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, still lives in the original San Francisco apartment that Airbnb started out of.
According to People, when the 34-year-old Chesky isn’t traveling around the world, he still lives in the original apartment that he and his co-founder, Joe Gebbia, started Airbnb out of in 2008 along with another roommate.
His couch is reportedly listed under “Couch at the Original Airbnb” on the website when available, and so far his reviews are pretty good. Chesky told People:
“I still live in the original Airbnb and I still Airbnb it so you can book it. It’s available throughout the year, you can book the couch for just like $50.”
Chesky also explained why he likes to host people on his couch despite being worth $3.3 billion:
“I just like hosting because I like to meet people and typically they are entrepreneurs themselves.
“It’s nice to walk up the same stairs every year and open the same door and go to the same house and know that there’s something that hasn’t changed – it’s kind of grounding.”
One Quora user, Jordi Garcia Godia, detailed his 3-day stay with Chesky when he worked for Airbnb.
“Brian, Joe and Nate do have their listings available but to stay there you have to be a close connection or the listing won’t be available. As part of the culture, they still host and of course rent when they travel.
“I can say I was the first Airbnb employee to sleep there, I spent 3 nights and was a great experience. It’s even cheaper than most listings in SF, but availability is limited due to his frequent travels.”
h/t: DailyMail
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