Breast-Fondling Perv in China Is Back With New Video Victimizing Women

Breast-Fondling Perv in China Is Back With New Video Victimizing Women

August 29, 2017
Remember that creepy video blogger from China who posed as a magician earlier this year to be able to fondle women’s breasts on camera?
Well, he’s back — and has uploaded an equally revolting new video on Chinese social media, where he appears to be victimizing a new set of women.
This time, the 26-year-old prankster, identified only by his surname Xu, approached female strangers on the street, claiming that he will donate money to charity if they allow him to rub his face against their breasts.
In the widely-shared footage, the pervert can be seen tricking the women into thinking they are participating in a challenge to raise money and awareness for women affected by breast cancer.
He convinced his victims that he will make a donatIon of 10 Chinese Yuan ($1.50) to the Red Cross Society of China if they just let him press his face between their breasts for five seconds. The clip shows the women who apparently took him up on his offer.
According to Shanghaiist, it was not made known whether the women were actual victims or paid actors, although his previous stunt suggests the former. For his new viral video, it was revealed that he used a new online username to upload it. 
When Xu did his fake street magician act back in June, local authorities in Chengdu arrested him and his cameraman for charges of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles”. Both were detained for 14 days.
Xu apologized online, only for using the women in his videos without seeking their permission first. It is unclear if he indeed donated the money to charity as promised.
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