Man Breaks Up with Girlfriend for Throwing Away $3,400 ‘Demon Slayer’ Anime Figurines

Man Breaks Up with Girlfriend for Throwing Away $3,400 ‘Demon Slayer’ Anime FigurinesMan Breaks Up with Girlfriend for Throwing Away $3,400 ‘Demon Slayer’ Anime Figurines
Bryan Ke
November 23, 2020
A Taiwanese man went on a Facebook rant after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend for throwing away his collection of Nezuko “Demon Slayer” figurines, which was reportedly worth 14,000 Malaysian Ringgit ($3,400).
The unnamed man shared his experience in a Facebook group where people can post their rants about their girlfriend anonymously on Nov. 11, according to World of Buzz.
In the post, the man, a fan of Nezuko from the Japanese anime “Demon Slayer”, explained it all happened when he went away to visit his hometown for two days. His now-ex-girlfriend, whom he was cohabiting with, decided to throw away all of his Nezuko collection because they were taking up space.
“That was bought with my hard-earned money over the years, and it was all dumped into a rubbish bag and thrown into a garbage truck by you,” he said in his anonymous post.
After learning what his ex-girlfriend did, the man quickly called the garbage collection company to ask about his figurine collection. Unfortunately, the person told him they had already incinerated the trash they had collected.
The furious man broke up with her, but before splitting, the woman reportedly told him, “You otakus love that trash too much and it’s ridiculous.”
The figurines were not the only issue he had with his ex-girlfriend, however. He also claimed he had to miss the premiere of the “Demon Slayer: Infinity Train” movie because his ex-girlfriend did not like him watching anime.
“I didn’t care that you watched Korean dramas and swooning after the stars all the time, is it that difficult to just respect each others’ preferences?” he said. “To think that I actually hid my preferences back then just to get your approval. I was so stupid.”
In addition, he mentioned in his post he plans to sue his ex-girlfriend for the damages.
Many social media users sympathized with the man, and one of them shared a similar experience with her ex-boyfriend, Mothership reported.
“I’ve got a doll which I’ve owned since I was five years old till now. When my ex-boyfriend threw the doll into the dustbin, I immediately dumped him. Good job breaking up with her,” the user said.
Feature Image (right) via AliExpress
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