Asian Woman Makes Money Smashing Bread With Her Face on Instagram

Asian Woman Makes Money Smashing Bread With Her Face on InstagramAsian Woman Makes Money Smashing Bread With Her Face on Instagram
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June 16, 2016
An anonymous 27-year-old woman is smashing her face into bread on Instagram and people are sending her hundreds of dollars to do it.
With thousands of accounts on Instagram, it’s hard to say which ones will achieve virality. Of course, when this woman started recording herself smooshing her face into bread, it was a recipe for success.
The Instagram account, simply named Breadfaceblog, has merely 56 videos, but quite an impressive following. To date, there are over 82,000 people watching this woman do her thing.
The tagline of the account is “giving the people something they didn’t ask for,” which happens to be the cathartic effect of watching her caress, rub and demolish bread using her face. In each of her video, she appears in a different outfit with her choice of bread in front of a table and a popular tune playing in the background.
Bread Face Girl began her Instagram career with a potato roll in her first post, but she has since moved onto other kinds of bread including hamburger buns, hotdog buns, doughnuts and croissants. Among the more atypical items are sriracha garlic knots, buttermilk biscuits and matzos.
She told Tech Insider:
“People refer to me as Bread Face, Bread Face Girl, Your Bread Queen.”
By day, Bread Face Girl is a copywriter based in Brooklyn who has a secret tactile obsession with food. She explained to Tech Insider that the motivation behind starting her Instagram account nearly a year ago originated from an urge to feel her food with her face.
She wrote in the email:
“When I would describe this urge to my friends, they’d always laugh so I figured it would make other people laugh too. I liked knowing that it could potentially cheer someone up who’s having a bad day.
“I wanted to make someone’s day. Turns out, [sticking my face into bread] makes a lot of people confused or aroused.”
While some speculate that her videos have a sexual undertone that appeal to gluten fetishes, Bread Face Girl denies that it is her intention. She told The New York Times:
“If I’m filling a once-empty slot for someone sexually — then that’s awesome. I get it. I don’t think it’s weird — food is tactile and sexy, and we can’t help what turns us on, just don’t overindulge yourself. The other part of me wonders if anyone would even bring that up if I weren’t an Asian girl. I mean… I don’t wonder that much, I know the answer.”

23. Gourmet Garage French Baguette #breadfacing @unif @gourmetgarage

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

Regardless, she admits that breadfaceblog has mainly received a positive response from users. In fact, they enjoy her videos so much that a number of them send her money or buy the clothes she has worn in videos, which she lists on eBay. The amount, however, varies from week to week. Bread Face Girl told Tech Insider:
“There are some weeks I don’t receive any [money], and some weeks a couple hundred [dollars]. I’m grateful for any amount!”

18. Ferrara Bakery Panettone @ferrarabakery #breadfacing

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She uses the funds to pay for her bread, which she eats after each of her videos. According to the bread face expert, anything unhealthy feels better on the face:
“The least nutritional [breads] tend to be the most pleasing to the face, which, I’m sure, is no accident. The most pleasing and addicting things in life are usually things we find irresistible.”
Her account has become so popular that fans are posting their own videos with the #breadfacing. Parents are even sending videos in of their kids smashing their faces into birthday cakes. The fad also appears to be a growing trend among grown adults too.
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