Brave Man Goes Viral for Saving Puppy on Singapore Highway When No One Else Stopped

A random man is going viral in Singapore after he bravely saved a poor, terrified dog wandering on Upper Thomson Road while motorists tried to avoid the poor pooch.

The heartwarming moment was uploaded on Facebook by user Sunita Parhar on Tuesday, May 8.

So we were driving down Upper Thomson Road and this poor puppy was running in the middle of the road,” Parhar wrote in the caption.

It’s apparent that the dog was pretty terrified by its surroundings, especially with all the cars whizzing by. However, what’s sad is that not a single person tried to save the poor animal much sooner.

Luckily, one man took it upon himself to get out on the road and rescue the poor animal from being possibly hit by a random vehicle.

Poor guy looked so distressed. We were wondering how to help him when a really kind man stepped out and picked him up. Thank you Sir!” Parhar continued in the post.

The original post, so far, only managed to make 229 reactions and 191 shares. But after it got re-posted by Facebook page Fabrications About the PAP, the clip became a viral hit.

It’s really heartwarming to hear stories of people helping out poor animals get a better life by pulling them out of horrible situations, like this Indonesian man who recently found an abandoned husky, adopted it, and turned the pooch’s life around.

Featured image screenshot via Facebook / Fabrications About the PAP

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