Brave Elderly Woman Saves Friend From Car Crashing Into Storefront in China

A brave elderly woman in China heroically saved her friend from being hit by a speeding car that crashed into a storefront. Both women were taken to the hospital for treatment after the accident.

According to Daily Mail, the two women were walking along the sidewalk when one of them noticed the oncoming car. Instead of saving herself, the woman courageously pulled her friend out of the way of the vehicle.

In the video below, the brave woman can be seen still being hit by the vehicle, although the collision was only a minor one as she was still able to get up after the car hit the glass display of the store.

Her friend, however, was less fortunate as she can be seen lying on the ground, but luckily still conscious.

After the collision, the driver got out of her vehicle and hurried to the elderly women’s aid. She quickly tried to yell at the store employees to call an ambulance for some help.

Chinese authorities have not confirmed if the woman has been arrested for reckless driving. It is also unclear what caused the vehicle to go off the road and onto the pedestrian walkway, but the driver reportedly slammed into other cars on the street.

Image via YouTube / NEW-HOT-VIRAL

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