‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Star Brandi Redmond Mocks Asians in ‘Racist’ Video

“Real Housewives of Dallas” star Brandi Redmond has been accused of racism after a video of her mocking Asians surfaced on Twitter last week.

The video, originally posted on Redmond’s Instagram Story in 2017, was shared by Steve Kemble, the wedding planner of her fellow cast member LeeAnne Locken.

In the video, Redmond can be seen touching her hair and squinting her eyes as she speaks to her followers in a mock Asian accent.

“Oh, everybody ask me what Asian I am because my eyes, they squinty,” the reality star says.

"Real Housewives of Dallas" star Brandi Redmond has been accused of racism after a video of her mocking Asians surfaced on Twitter last week.
Image Screenshot via @WedPlannerSteve

The video immediately sparked social media backlash, with some slamming Redmond as racist.

“Brandi Redmond is crass, uneducated and tacky. No surprise she’s racist too,” one wrote.

Another commented, “Karma is truly a B#%*H… Brandi Redmond you got served! You RACIST!”

Kemble’s exposure of Redmond’s video is believed to be in retaliation for the latter’s criticism against Locken, who made racist statements against Mexican-born Kary Brittingham, another cast member, according to Reality Blurb.

While Redmond initially appeared to express regret over her actions, she told fans that she would do it again in a now-deleted tweet.

“It’s a good impersonation if I do say so myself and there was no harm done. I would do it again for a damn good audition. Have a great day,” Redmond wrote.

Redmond’s comments drew further criticism from Asian American personalities, such as Allure Editor-in-Chief Michelle Lee.

“This non-apology is an embarrassment @BrandiRedmond. This is not ok @nbc @BravoTV. And all the non-Asian people predictably crying ‘this isn’t racist’ are really telling on themselves,” Lee tweeted.

“I didn’t want to bring this up but I have so many childhood memories of kids making slanty eyes and mocking me or calling us rice pickers which made me ashamed to be Chinese,” Tina Craig, founder of fashion blog Bag Snob, told NBC News.

“I hope by speaking out against this behavior, young Asians today won’t feel ashamed to be who they are and Caucasians would think twice before making ‘harmless jokes.'”

On Jan. 4, Redmond posted what appears to be her official apology.

“A video resurfaced of me from three years ago which at the time I had posted and quickly deleted and then immediately apologized for my insensitivity. I would like to once again sincerely apologize for my offensive actions,” the reality star wrote.

Feature Images via @brandiredmond (Left), @WedPlannerSteve (Right, Screenshot)

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