Boyfriend of the Year Does His Girlfriend’s Entire Skin Routine After She Passes Out

A man who completed his girlfriend’s skin routine after she passed out is winning love on social media.

Earlier this month, Shanika Silverio had a “few drinks” during a night out and fell asleep going home.

While that could have been the end of a fun night, her boyfriend, Albrecht Sagario, stayed up not only to tuck her in bed, but do her skincare routine.

In pictures shared on June 7, Sagario can be seen applying toner, eye cream and moisturizer on Silverio’s face.

Image via Twitter / @ShanikaSilverio
Image via Twitter / @ShanikaSilverio
Image via Twitter / @ShanikaSilverio

When a Twitter user asked if Sagario used a cleanser, Silverio shared a snap of micellar water.

And because he can, Sagario also put some cuticle conditioner on his girlfriend’s toenails.

Needless to say, this boyfriend knows what he’s doing.

Image via Instagram / shanikasilverio

The couple, both pilots from the Philippines, have since sent social media in love.

Others sent compliments and asked about the products Silverio use.

The boyfriend bar has been raised.

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