Boyfriend Surprises His Sad Girlfriend With Makeup, Instantly Turns Into Meme on Twitter

When you’re having a crappy week, it’s nice to have somebody you can lean on.

Devanne Tran, who apparently was having a tough week at school, can attest to this after her boyfriend, Ben Nguyen, bought a set of makeup for her.

To raise her spirits, he decided to buy her a present with some of her favorite things.

I was so happy I started crying,” Tran told BuzzFeed News. “When he showed it to me I literally screamed and hugged him. It did make me feel better because he knew how upset I was, so he did what he knew would make me happy even though it was expensive.

Tran took to Twitter to share the sweet moment with her friends, saying: “I told Ben I was sad today and he spoiled the fuck out of me.

But what was supposed to be romantic gesture quickly turned into a meme, a reaction that the Arlington, Texas couple, who have been dating for a year, did not expect.

Some people became jealous of Tran and jokingly asked Nguyen for gifts, but the trolling did not rattle the happy couple one bit.

We think the trolling is so funny,” she said.

Their classmates even began yelling “Ben I’m sad!” to him in school, and some Twitter users called Tran “materialistic”.

For those who are calling me materialistic and a user clearly don’t know I didn’t ask for any of it or even suggest I wanted it,” she said of the gesture.

Ben’s just a genuinely nice person that knew it would cheer me up,” Tran added. “I would’ve been just as happy if he got me a rock.

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