Boyfriend Accidentally Breaks Girlfriend’s Eardrum During Foreplay

Boyfriend Accidentally Breaks Girlfriend’s Eardrum During ForeplayBoyfriend Accidentally Breaks Girlfriend’s Eardrum During Foreplay
An overly excited boyfriend accidentally broke his girlfriend’s eardrums in the middle of what was supposed to be a romantic moment.
The man and woman from Wuhan, China got ahead of Valentine’s Day but instead of romance, they ended up going to a doctor for an emergency. Apparently, the man accidentally blew on his girlfriend’s ear so hard that it ripped her eardrum.
According to Stomp, based on a report from Lianhe Wanbao, the 27-year-old woman complained about a pain in her ear the whole night so they sought the advice of a physician. Upon examination, the doctor said that there was a hole found in her left eardrum which could have been caused by a physical assault.
The girl didn’t immediately say that the hole in her ear was caused by her boyfriend, but after asking her a couple of times, she admitted that she sustained the ear injury when her boyfriend blew into her ear during foreplay.
“Due to the wound, her hearing had deteriorated,” the doctor said. “She said the pain then persisted for the entire night.”
Although eardrums can naturally heal, he advised the woman to undergo microwave therapy. She was also told not to pick hear ears while she is recovering and to be wary of water entering.
Because of the unique and quite embarrassing incident, the doctor advised the couple to never again blow on each other’s ears because the ear canal is a very delicate.
So, a warning to the couples out there, play it safe and skip the ears!
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