Video: Chinese boy carries classmate to safety during earthquake

Video: Chinese boy carries classmate to safety during earthquakeVideo: Chinese boy carries classmate to safety during earthquake
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin recently took to Facebook to commend a boy who carried his classmate to evacuate during an earthquake in China. 
Wang shared the video showing the boy’s heroic moment as he rushed to the aid of his classmate in need as their surroundings start to shake. 
In the undated clip, the boy is seen lifting the classmate, who appears to have a cast on his foot, on his back as the other students rush out to the door when the earthquake happens.   
“Proud of the boy who helped his physically challenged classmate to evacuate in the earthquake!” Wang wrote on Sept. 7.
Commenters shared their admiration for the boy, with some noting that he should be recognized for his selflessness. 
“It has been said that during the time of adversity, a person’s true character will be in full display,” a user wrote. “This brave & selfless boy deserves a letter of recommendation (or other equivalent recognition) from his school.”
“When you see this, it gives us so much faith to people,” shared another. “What a selfless young man.”
The boy’s identity remains unknown to the public as Wang’s post had no other information about the boy, nor the place and date the act of heroism happened.
It is worth noting that the most recent earthquake recorded in China happened on Sept. 5 in the Chinese province of Sichuan. 
The 6.6 or 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Sichuan’s Luding County has a current death toll of at least 93, with at least 423 people reported to be injured and 25 still missing. Considered the largest to hit the province since 2017, the earthquake also caused the destruction of over 13,000 homes and other infrastructure. 
Back in May, another video from Sichuan went viral showing a group of students helping their differently-abled classmate evacuate during another earthquake. 
Last week, a firefighter photographed rescuing a baby from the Luding earthquake was revealed to have also been rescued as a baby by a firefighter during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.
Featured Image via Wang Wenbin
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