Boy Dressed as ‘Annabelle’ For Halloween Goes to Dental Visit — Dentist Nearly Dies Laughing

A mother dressed her son as “Annabelle’ from the hit film ‘The Conjuring’ for Halloween. The boy wasn’t too keen on the costume, but the mother wanted to give him a funny and memorable moment he’ll always remember. He eventually agreed after weeks of convincing.

The pair attended a Halloween party and had a great time; however, they forgot about a dentist appointment they had that same day. They quickly rushed to the clinic, not giving the boy any time to change.

As soon as the boy arrived, the dentist and the nurse couldn’t contain themselves and burst out laughing.

The only person who wasn’t laughing, however, was the poor boy.

The photos made their way to FaceBook; netizens who saw the photos and shared some funny comments, translated by

“Brother Annabelle: Doctor, if you dare to give me a jab I will put up a fight.”

“Wow a set of resentful eyes”

“The dentist must be very afraid of this patient”

“I never knew Annabelle needs to see dentist”

“The legendary eyes of death”


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