A 10-Year-Old Boy Uses His Allowance to Make Clothes For the Needy

Ten-year-old Xavier Elliott uses fabric he purchases with his allowance money to make clothes for needy children in Phoenix, Arizona.
His father, a veteran of  the U.S. Army in Iraq, suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after serving his time on duty overseas. His mother, Stephanie Elliott, told The Huffington Post that their family has wound up at six different homeless shelters over the years.
Now no longer homeless, Xavier Elliott wants to give back and help other children whose shoes he were once in. After watching his mother sew a purse, Xavier insisted on learning to try and sew himself. Stephanie Elliott said:
“I think the idea came to him from everything we have endured and wanting to make a difference for other people.”
His father now volunteers with the Honor Guard, and his parents both run the Arizona Veteran Families, an organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families find support and resources. His parents seem to have had a strong influence on him, as Elliott’s parents remark:
“I think he took the volunteering he sees now and made it his own.”
Xavier Elliott plans on donating the clothes he makes to local shelters including the Salvation Army and the UMOM New Day Center, one of the largest family homeless shelters in Phoenix. At the moment, he is using his mother’s sewing machine until he is able to save up enough money for his own equipment. He has since been offered free sewing classes and has been awarded a fashion scholarship for his charitable work.
Since his clothes for charity went public via his Facebook page, fabric and other materials have been generously donated by supporters and are graciously welcomed.
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