Boy in China Forced to Collect Recycling After Stealing $290 From His Grandma

A nine-year-old boy in southern China has been collecting recyclables since Golden Week to pay off the 2,000 yuan ($290) that he had stolen from his grandmother.

It was discovered that for two weeks, Hanghang quietly used his grandmother’s WeChat Pay account for mobile game in-app purchases.


When Hanghang’s furious parents found out about the splurge, they decided to make him repay.

“We were very angry at first,” his mother told Knews. “We almost wanted to beat him.”

Hanghang knocks on a neighbor’s door to collect recyclables.

The family decided that the only way to make Hanghang pay for his crime is to have him collect recyclables around their neighborhood in Yongchuan district, Chongqing city.

“We wanted him to realize the value of hard-earned money,” his mother said. “So we thought, how do we make him work? How can he earn 2,000 yuan?”

Hanghang dons a pair of gloves before working.

In just two short weeks, Hanghang is reportedly taking a shine to his newfound job. 

It’s unclear how much money he’s making by selling the recyclables, but he believes it will take a year to get rid of his “debt.”

Hanghang carries a recyclable carton.

Weibo users praised Hanghang’s parents for teaching their son a truly valuable lesson.

“I like his parents.”

“This is real education.”

“I think this kind of punishment is very good.”

“Every new recyclable is a new version of the game he has never played before.”

“The parents are right teaching him this way than asking for a refund from the game company. If you did something yourself, you should be responsible. This child will be well.”

Hanghang’s mother helps him carry collected recyclables.

What do you think of Hanghang’s punishment?

Images via Knews

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