8-year-old boy in China caught on video brutally beating 2-year-old girl to steal her snacks

  • An 8-year-old boy was caught on surveillance footage violently attacking a 2-year-old girl while trying to steal her snacks on May 5.
  • The boy, a second-grade primary school student named Zhuang, can be seen entering the toddler’s home in China and repeatedly stomping her head before running away as her grandfather comes rushing to her rescue.
  • The toddler suffered head trauma during the attack and received two months of treatment for four loose and damaged teeth.
  • Zhuang’s parents refused to apologize or express remorse and asked the toddler’s family not to report the attack.
  • Despite the boy’s family’s request, the girl’s parents filed a police report.
  • The incident is now under investigation.

Surveillance footage from China showed an 8-year-old boy violently stomping on the head of a 2-year-old girl to steal the snacks she was carrying.

On May 5, the boy, named Zhuang, entered the toddler’s home in Haikou where she was playing alone, according to a Weibo post from Owl Video. He allegedly demanded that the toddler hand over her snacks, but when she refused, he began to beat her.

In the surveillance footage, the boy is seen kicking the 2-year-old to the ground before violently stomping on her head. He attempts to stomp on the toddler again as she tries to stand up, but he runs away after the girl’s grandfather yells out.

The toddler suffered head trauma and four loose teeth which required two months of treatment.  

Zhuang’s parents initially denied their son’s involvement in the attack until they saw the surveillance footage. When the toddler’s parents confronted the boy, he responded, “I beat whenever I want.”

In an open letter at the end of the Weibo video, the 2-year-old’s mother stated that their family has never had issues with Zhuang’s family. They reportedly refused to apologize or express any remorse. Zhuang’s parents also allegedly said they cannot afford compensation and begged the toddler’s family not to report the attack to the police.

The toddler’s parents reported the attack to the police after Zhuang’s parents continued not to apologize. The case is now under investigation. 

Weibo users criticized Chinese juvenile crime laws, with some suggesting that the boy may have antisocial personality disorder.

I feel like it was an attempted murder. If someone hadn’t shouted when he kicked her like this, he would have kicked her to death. After all, 2-year-olds are still very fragile,” one user wrote. 

“Beating a 2-year-old child like this for bad reasons? This kind of person feels that sooner or later he will commit a crime, and it is recommended that he be locked up in a children’s correctional center, and he will be released after he has been educated,” another user commented.


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