Bowen Yang, Matt Rogers’ parody awards show finds new home in NYC

Bowen Yang, Matt Rogers’ parody awards show finds new home in NYCBowen Yang, Matt Rogers’ parody awards show finds new home in NYC
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Bryan Ke
22 days ago
Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers’ brainchild parody awards show, “Las Culturistas” Culture Awards (LCCA), has found a new home in Brooklyn, New York City, for its third run.
Key points:
  • Yang and Rogers announced in an Instagram video on Monday that the awards show is set to be held at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York City, on June 15.
  • The trailer features Parvati Shallow, who won “Survivor Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites” in 2008, unveiling the date and new location of LCCA.
The details:
  • LCCA is a parody awards show created to mock the biggest awards shows of the year, such as the Academy Awards.
  • Some of the winners of past shows include Cate Blanchett, who won the Cate Blanchett Award for Good Acting in 2023, and Taylor Swift, who won in the categories of Best Taylor Swift and Best Tayla Swiff in 2022.
  • The idea for the parody awards show was a running joke between “Fire Island” co-stars Yang and Rogers on their podcast “Las Culturistas.” The duo received an offer from the Lincoln Center to bring their envisioned show to life.
  • LCCA kicked off in 2022 at the Center’s Damrosch Park and had welcomed over 2,600 attendees in its two-year run.
  • The upcoming LCCA will be ticketed, unlike the first two that were free to everyone. Tickets will first become available on Wednesday for “Las Culturistas” listeners, followed by a Live Nation pre-sale on Thursday before the general ticket sale on Friday.
What they’re saying:
  • Yang told the Hollywood Reporter that moving the LCCA to a new venue would give attendees a “full awards show experience.”
  • About the LCCA’s future, Yang and Rogers joked that they would continue with the awards show until Glenn Close or Amy Adams accepts an award onstage.
  • “We can’t see the future, but I think what we can see so far is that we have no intention of stopping,” Rogers added. “And that is a threat.”
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