Botched Plastic Surgery Leaves Woman Paralyzed, in a Coma in China

Botched Plastic Surgery Leaves Woman Paralyzed, in a Coma in China
Ryan General
August 9, 2017
A horrible tragedy befell a woman in China after a massive error during a plastic surgery operation performed on her left her in a state of comatose.
In the hopes of looking younger, the unnamed 27-year-old woman reportedly wanted to hide the increasingly visible veins around her temples, so she sought the aid of a plastic surgery clinic in the Guangxi capital of Nanning.
Details of the unfortunate blunder were shared via a report aired by CCTV on Sunday, which revealed how a “therapist” extracted some fat cells from the woman’s thigh to be injected later into her temple, according to Shanghaiist.
A miscalculation on the practitioner’s part, however, caused some of the fat cells to enter a blood vessel leading to the woman’s brain. Immediately after the patient went into a coma, she was rushed to the hospital, where she was declared by doctors to be in critical condition.
Surgeons performed four operations to remove the fat cells, which have caused paralysis on the left side of the woman’s body. Due to the extreme pressure exerted on her brain, the woman’s head has now become abnormally swollen.
While it was not revealed in the report what comes next for the poor patient, it was later discovered the “specialist” who performed her operation was not actually qualified to perform the surgery.
The therapist and the manager of the clinic have since been arrested by local authorities.
Just a month ago, another botched surgery in China caused a woman’s nipples to deteriorate. The poorly done work was reportedly performed by an oral surgeon, who may not have acquired a license to perform plastic surgery.
The Zhejiang woman sued the plastic surgery hospital in Jiaxing following the horrifically botched boob job.
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