Bootlegged Disney Movies Are Now Being Sold in North Korea

American animated movies such as “Cinderella” have made their way to North Korea, debunking the common myth that the state sees nothing but its own produced media.

The Russian Embassy in North Korea released photos of stalls selling such movies in Pyongyang.

According to Yonhap, the embassy told Radio Free Asia that the stalls are operated by Mokran Video Co., which sells discs from 3,000 to 6,000 North Korean won (about $4 to $7) each.

Aside from “Cinderella,” other U.S.-made animated films sold in the stalls include “Beauty and the Beast,” “Rapunzel” and “The Lion King”.

There were also films produced in Russia, Cuba, Germany and Romania.

As put by the Russian Embassy, “It is worth mentioning that the choice is mainly limited to the USSR and former socialist countries’ films.”

The embassy added that North Koreans are “keen on Indian dramas as well.”

Interestingly, it appears North Korea also broadcasts foreign movies, concerts and TV shows in public.

With this, it seems it’s really the rest of the world that knows very little on how thing are in the isolated totalitarian state.

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