‘Parasite’ Director Won’t Direct a Marvel Movie Because of One ‘Mentally Difficult’ Thing

‘Parasite’ Director Won’t Direct a Marvel Movie Because of One ‘Mentally Difficult’ Thing‘Parasite’ Director Won’t Direct a Marvel Movie Because of One ‘Mentally Difficult’ Thing
Bong Joon-ho, the director of the critically acclaimed film “Parasite,” has revealed why we probably won’t see him in the director’s chair for any Marvel superhero movies.
The 50-year-old Korean director told Variety that he has a personal problem when it comes to superhero movies, specifically how the actors and actresses dress.
“I respect the creativity that goes into superhero films, but in real life and in movies, I can’t stand people wearing tight-fitting clothes,” Bong said, adding, “I’ll never wear something like that, and just seeing someone in tight clothes is mentally difficult. I don’t know where to look, and I feel suffocated.”
However, Bong said he may direct one if there is a superhero who does not wear tight-fitting costumes.
“Most superheroes wear tight suits, so I can never direct one. I don’t think anyone will offer the project to me either,” he added. “If there is a superhero who has a very boxy costume, maybe I can try.”
Bong’s comments on the superhero film genre is a refreshing one, especially after the blunt take from two legendary directors, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola.
Scorsese told journalists in October that Marvel movies are “not cinema.” Coppola, in an interview a few days after Scorsese’s comment, echoed the same sentiment, but he did not shy away from calling the films “despicable,” The Guardian reported.
Although he respects the two critically acclaimed directors and their views on the matter, Bong still liked some of the superhero films released over the past few years.
“I have so much respect for Scorsese and Coppola, and I grew up studying their films. So I fully understand the context of their comments and I respect their opinion,” he said.
“But on the other hand, if I look at the films individually, I enjoyed ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ James Mangold’s ‘Logan,’ and ‘Winter Soldier’ by the Russo Brothers. There are great cinematic moments in those films.”
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