K-pop trainee Beomhan alleges he was choked, called slurs by ‘homeless’ man on NYC train

K-pop trainee Beomhan alleges he was choked, called slurs by ‘homeless’ man on NYC trainK-pop trainee Beomhan alleges he was choked, called slurs by ‘homeless’ man on NYC train
Bryan Ke
February 23, 2022
Chinese American K-pop trainee Beomhan alleges he was assaulted and subjected to slurs while riding a train in New York City during the boy group M.O.N.T Arena’s U.S. tour. 
Beomhan, whose real name is Harald Wu, shared details about the incident during a livestream on Feb. 12. In the recording that fans shared on social media, the rapper claims that a homeless man “got on at 34th Street and then he did his whole rounds, he choked me, then got off on 22 right after.”  
The video starts with Beomhan showing the scratch he received from the assault, which he covers with concealer. He then goes on to describe the incident, saying it was funny in retrospect but terrifying in the moment.
Beomhan was reportedly riding the subway when a homeless person got on and began speaking to the train’s passengers.
“I’m like that’s pretty cool, like good for you, right? Whatever,” he says about the man. Beomhan then claims he did not pay the man much attention until he started talking to the people around him.  
The man then started spewing slurs at the 21-year-old K-pop trainee, thinking he could not hear him.
He started calling me a bunch of slurs… and was like, ‘Wow, his outfit looks very… flamboyant.’ That’s not the word he used, but he called me a bunch of slurs, and it was like, ‘Wow, look at this guy’s outfit and how stupid it is.’ That’s also not the word that he used,” Beomhan said during his livestream.
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He went up to me and was like, ‘Yo, man, you got any change?’ which is kind of funny… review your script,” Beomhanhe added.
He then recalled telling the person, “Uh, no. And also, can you please not call me those words?” The homeless person asked, “Or what?”
Can you please back up a little bit?” Beomhan replied.
And he’s like, ‘I am backed up,’ and he leaned in, and I’m like, ‘Is he going to kiss me? What’s going on?” the rapper shared.
The man then allegedly pretended to punch Beomhan, then said, “Yeah, that’s right” before proceeding to choke the K-pop trainee in public. Beomhan’s neck was allegedly scratched during the incident.
He didn’t even go around to the other guys,” Beom Chan claims in the livestream recording. “He just went around, talked to three people like, ‘Yo, look at this guy kind of dressed funny.’ That’s not the word that he used. He’s like, ‘Wow, look at this Chinese guy.’”
Born on Jan. 31, 2001, Beomhan is a member of the upcoming South Korean boy group M.O.N.T Arena, a 3-unit group with 9 members under FM Entertainment.
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