Alison Brie Regrets Lending Voice to Vietnamese American Character on ‘BoJack Horseman’

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Actress Alison Brie expressed her regrets in portraying Diane Nguyen, a Vietnamese American character in the hit animated show “BoJack Horseman.”


Brie’s apology: In an Instagram post on June 27, the 37-year-old actress wished she hadn’t taken the role of Diane in the Netflix show.

  • “I now understand that people of color, should always voice people of color. We missed a great opportunity to represent the Vietnamese-American community accurately and respectfully, and for that I am truly sorry. I applaud all those who stepped away from their voiceover roles in recent days. I have learned a lot from them,” she added.
  • “BoJack Horseman” follows the story of Bojack, an anthropomorphic horse and 90s sitcom actor who plans to make a comeback in show business by releasing an autobiography written by Diane Nguyen, a ghostwriter he hired.
  • Diane is described as a sometimes shy and awkward intelligent, third-wave feminist who cares a lot about her friends, according to CBR.
  • Brie voiced Diane in the Netflix series up until its sixth and final season in January 2020.
  • “BoJack Horseman” garnered critical acclaim during its release on Netflix.
  • It received two Primetime Emmy nominations and became a staple in the streaming platform’s original animated lineup, Deadline reported.


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Further details: In addition to Brie, “BoJack Horseman” creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg also expressed his regrets for his casting choice for the role of Diane.

  • Bob-Waksberg said he evaded questions on social media about the matter, defending that it was “mostly because my own understanding of the issue was evolving (it still is!) and I didn’t want to give a defensive or half-thought-out answer.”
  • However, at some point, he thought he could rationalize his casting decision, but added: “The more I thought about it (and listened to other people) the more I felt like it WASN’T okay.”
  • “Even in the small ways we wrote to Diane’s experience as a woman of color, or more specifically an Asian woman, we rarely got specific enough to think about what it meant to be SPECIFICALLY VIETNAMESE-AMERICAN and that was a huge (racist!) error on my part,” Bob-Waksberg continued.
  • “The intention behind the character is I wanted to write AWAY from stereotypes and create an Asian American character who wasn’t defined solely by her race. But I went too far in the other direction. We are all defined SOMEWHAT by our race! Of course we are! It is part of us!”
  • Other actors have also stepped away from their non-White roles, including Jenny Slate for her role as Missy, a Black biracial character in Netflix’s “Big Mouth,” and Kristen Bell for voicing the character Molly in “Central Park,” Metro UK reported.

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