You Can Now Hire Someone to Drink Your Boba for You in China

You Can Now Hire Someone to Drink Your Boba for You in ChinaYou Can Now Hire Someone to Drink Your Boba for You in China
People in China can now hire “bubble tea drinkers” to satisfy their cravings by proxy, saving them from the guilt of weight gain.
Apparently, some have begun assuming the job title on Taobao, one of China’s biggest e-commerce platforms.
Drinkers advertise their services as “fat-free” and “hassle-free,” documenting the full experience from queuing in a shop to savoring the last tapioca pearl.
The services come at various prices depending on the drink’s level of sweetness, price and popularity, among other factors.
A boba tea drinker advertising their services on Taobao
It’s unclear how much an average drinker makes in a single day, but the job’s increasing popularity is expected to bring more competitive prices.
For one, a woman identified as Xu has been charging a standard rate of 2 yuan ($0.30), bumping to 3 yuan ($0.45) for drinks greater than 550 milliliters, according to Apple Daily.
The experience includes a 360-degree view of the drink, photos and a detailed description.
While many seem to hire drinkers to shake off their cravings, others reportedly do the same just to kill their boredom.
Interestingly, the business appears to have expanded to include offers of fried chicken, hot pot and other eating services, according to Sina News.
One drinker also offers fried chicken eating services.
Weibo users rejoiced at the new way of making money:
“Finally, the job meant for me.”
“It’s about damn time I make money.”
“People discover new business opportunities.”
“You eat and make money? Well this works perfectly.”
“How about sleeping? Play all-nighter games, I will help you make up sleep.”
Featured Images via Taobao / Sina, Seehua
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