Boba Pizza is Now a Thing in Taiwan

It’s a food fusion no one probably saw coming but boba pizza is real and it’s currently found only in “boba capital” of the world: Taiwan.

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A specialty of a restaurant in Chiayi City called Foodie Star, the dessert pizza is reasonably priced at 139 New Taiwan Dollars ($4.50), according to Walkerland.

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Pizza lovers who are also fans of chewy tapioca balls may find this creamy, cheesy pizza topped off a generous amount of boba pearls quite irresistible.

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The taste of the boba pizza may also be appealing for those who want to try something new as it has been described as a “blend of savory and sweet with the cheese balancing out the sweetness of the pearls.”

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Situated at West District’s Lanjing Street, the highly popular restaurant also offers other delectable pizza choices such as red bean(azuki beans) dessert pizza, cold noodles and a whole lot more.

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Image via Walkerland
Image via Walkerland

While the dish is apparently sold at a limited offering, it would still be worth checking out this inventive restaurant for other intriguing food concepts it may come up with next.

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