Philip Wang’s Boba Cafe Trolls the Internet With a Boba Emoji

In case you didn’t know, July 17 was unofficially dubbed as the #WorldEmojiDay and people got what they’ve been asking for years now: a boba emoji – or at least so they thought.

Bopomofocafe, owned by Wong Fu Productions’ Philip Wang, recently posted a picture on Instagram that appears to be a tweet that says: “Wow! Can’t believe they finally made a boba/bubble tea emoji! And it looks like a BPMF cup!” accompanied by a few boba emojis and the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay.

The same post was echoed on the boba cafe owner’s Twitter account.

Many people were obviously excited to hear the news. But after trying to find the emoji themselves, some users were left heartbroken having discovered the truth. Yes, we all got trolled.

While we did not get the much-awaited boba emoji on #WorldEmojiDay 2019, the day still brought some good news. In response to Bopomofo Cafe’s Twitter post, Emoji Informer has claimed that the boba tea emoji is now set to be released next year.

And by the looks of it, this time it’s for real.

So, fingers crossed!

Images screenshot via Instagram / bopomofocafe

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